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"Taking my hand, metaphorically speaking, Helen led me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery; one which still leaves me absolutely amazed by its indubitable magic. Career coaching with Helen is a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting ride; one you can look back on and simply know it was during this time you gained the deepest insight into what truly motivates and drives you. Another upside to the coaching is that its field of influence extends into every waking moment; not just career concerns. I can honestly say I looked forward to every single session I had with Helen… so much so that they were the absolute highlight of my week.

Using an almost mystical blend of her empathy, uncanny insight, active listening skills, commonsense and hard-earned proficiency, Helen will help you reveal what work and career path will truly make you happy. What Helen has helped me uncover has genuinely surprised me, but I know it is absolutely right for me because it came from within. Taking my first few tentative steps toward a bright new future, one that makes me feel genuinely excited about the new road ahead, I am never going to be able to extend enough gratitude toward Helen for helping me arrive at this juncture… I just wish I had come across her and the Firework coaching she proffers when I was school leaving age.

It is said that people are with us for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. After everything Helen has helped me realise about myself and what I would most like to do with my life, a big part of me hopes that she will be with me for at least a good part of the latter.

Truly an Angel on my shoulder…"


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