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Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

1 April 2022

Helen Collins sole trader (formerly Helen Collins Limited, and originally Helen Collins Coaching sole trader) takes the privacy of any person, that interacts with our business and/or engages in our services, currently or past, seriously. It is a fundamental part of our practice and extends to the data we hold for all those we engage with. 


The personal information we collect, process and hold on anyone that interacts with our website, contacts us or engages with our services, is held for the purposes of fulfilling the enquiries and the services we provide in our interactions with you.  In addition, we hold your personal information in order that we can fulfil the statutory, regulatory and legal obligations that are necessary to run our business.

You can, at any time, ask us to amend or erase the information we hold about you. You can also request a copy of all the personal data that Helen Collins holds about you.

Please read this Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy carefully to understand our practices regarding the processing and holding of personal information and to ensure that you understand them.  Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy is deemed to have occurred upon your first use of this, our website.  If you do not agree with or accept our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy you must stop using our website immediately. 


Both this Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy may also be updated from time to time.  If you continue to use this website, interact with us or continue to engage in our services, or have previously engaged in our services, it is important that you revisit this page regularly to ensure you have read and understood the most up to date version of each Policy.  By continuing to use our website and our services it will be deemed that you have accepted the current version of the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.


If you have any queries connected to either our Privacy Policy or our Cookie Policy please contact the Data Controller, Helen Collins for Helen Collins (sole trader) and formerly known as entities, via the Contact Us form below.


Privacy Policy

In this policy when we refer to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ ‘the business’ we mean Helen Collins (which includes Helen Collins (sole trader) and formerly Helen Collins Limited ‘the company’ and its employees delivering services for and on behalf of the company, and originally Helen Collins Coaching sole trader).

When we refer to ‘you’, ‘client’, ‘sponsor’, ‘coachee’ we are referring to the individual or party that we engage with to provide services to.

By ‘personal data’ or ‘personal information’ in this policy, we mean any information which could be used to identify you, either directly or indirectly, for example in combination with other information we may hold about you.

​This policy covers our use of your personal data which we collect about you during any interactions you may have with us. It covers any data we may collect via our website contact us form, social media, VOIP interactions, telephone and text interactions, written, email or postal communications and one to one interactions.

This Privacy Policy covers:

  • How we use your personal data

  • Who we share your personal data with

  • How long we keep your data

  • How you can access the information we hold about you, and other rights you have

  • What information we collect

  • Where we store your personal information

  • Contact details


As soon as you contact us, we make a record in your name and, as we work together and keep in contact, we add information to that record.


How do we use your personal data?

We use your data to enable us to:

  • Respond to the enquiries you make

  • Provide the services you are engaging with us for, for as long as that is for

  • Issue appropriate documentation to you in accordance with the provision of services

  • Support coach continuing professional development activities (as limited to and outlined in “Who do we share your personal data with?”)

  • Run our business effectively and in accordance with legislation and regulation

  • Improve and enhance our services

  • Communicate with you beyond the period in which services are contracted for/provided to see how you are getting on or to send you updates on services that may be of interest to you

  • Circulate updates to you about the business, newsletters, services, blogs, etc.

  • Cookies on the website help us to understand how many of you visit our website and how you use the website in order to make ongoing improvements to the website.

Who do we share your personal data with?

We do not sell, distribute or lease your data to resellers or other third parties in order to market their products and/or services to you.

Helen Collins (formerly Helen Collins Limited and Helen Collins Coaching) will have access to your personal information and process it in line with the terms stipulated within this Privacy Policy. 

Instances in which your personal information may be shared to a third party:

  • Supervision or Mentoring: During the course of the provision of coaching and/or consulting services to you, Helen Collins, for continuing professional development purposes may be undergoing professional third party supervision or mentoring.  Supervision or mentoring provides a private and confidential space within which the employee may discuss and/or share a client experience(s) or challenge(s) in view of seeking advice to enhance their knowledge and/or capability with that client.  In this situation the disclosure will be discreet about the scenario and the client will not be identified or identifiable in any way.


  • If Helen Collins, at any point, is undergoing a professional coaching assessment or credentialing upgrade in service to her continuing professional development, she may be required to make a recording of a client coaching session or sessions to share with a third party supervisor or mentor in order that the supervisor or mentor can assess the skills and capability and provide feedback accordingly for enhancement or certification.   Should a recording be required, prior written consent will always be requested from the client in advance.   

  • Coaching hours log:​ Professional coaches, depending on their coaching governing body or school of coaching, are required to hold and maintain a log of formal coaching hours completed.  For this reason collectively we hold a full coaching hours log which includes client forename, surname, contact telephone number(s), email addresses(es), dates and duration of each coaching session completed and total number of coaching hours completed) in order that Helen Collins can apply for higher coaching credentials as a coach, coach mentor or supervisor for example.  This application may be made to the International Coach Federation, European Mentoring and Coaching Council or the Association of Coaching or other schools of coaching or coaching governing bodies.  In order to validate the coaching hours that have taken place collectively we may be required to submit a coaching log to them.  In the first instance, this would be submitted on an anonymised basis containing: dates and duration of each coaching session completed and total number of coaching hours completed.  Only if the governing body require us collectively to also submit with that log your forename, surname, telephone number and email address in order to confirm with you that the logged coaching hours have taken place, we will write to you at that time to gain your written consent and the if applicable check the contact details you give us permission to provide to them.  That coaching body may also ask to make contact with a client to verify that the coaching did take place.

  • Legal reasons: There may be instances where we are required to share your personal information with certain regulatory bodies, government and/or enforcement agencies if we are requested to do so or need to by law or for a significant substantiated reason if we need to, or in instances where something has been disclosed by you to us that is illegal or may cause harm to yourself or another individual.  Where practicable, we will endeavour to advise you at the time that we would need to do this, should that need arise.

  • The transfer of the business: If the business should transfer/change hands whilst data is still held on you, the acquiring business will, by nature of the acquisition, have access to your records, in order that they may continue to hold, process and manage your data on behalf of the former entities and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.  It is important that you (whether a former, prospective or current client) revisit this page regularly to ensure you have read, understood and are happy with the terms of the most up to date version of this Policy.  If you are not happy with any of the updated Policy terms, please contact the Data Controller as soon as possible after reviewing the Policy, via the Contact Us form below.


  • Running the business: As a matter of course those we engage with to help us run the business may have access to your personal information, such as an accountant and auditors, for the purposes of processing and/or auditing financial/company records.  This may mean that they may have access to invoices, credit notes and other financial records containing your name, address and, if a credit note, your bank details.


  • Third party communication platforms/providers ie website, telephone, email, social media channels: If you are making an enquiry through our website or any other third party communication platform or provider to communicate with us, your enquiry may be directed via and through third party systems to reach us.  If you or we are sending messages through or via any of these channels, we cannot be responsible for the security of these third party providers.  These third party providers/companies “may” therefore have access to your data as it works through their systems.  Providers of such services are responsible for ensuring the security of their services, the data that passes through them and adhering to relevant data protection regulation.  Helen Collins (or any of our former entities) cannot be held responsible or liable for any shortcomings of these third party providers, particularly in light of fulfilling their obligations under data protection and GDPR regulations.


How long do we keep your data?

If you are a prospective client (including sponsors) and have made an enquiry for services with us or services on behalf of someone else, all personal information provided to us will be held for 6 months from the date of our last interaction.  If you choose not to proceed with the provision of services, the personal information we are holding about you in connection with your enquiry will be safely and securely destroyed at 6 months from the date of our last interaction.  However, if you choose to engage in our services, the following will instead apply.


If you engaged in services between or services straddled each end of the date range 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2022, during which Helen Collins Limited (“the company”) was operational, the maximum period which we would hold your personal information, having chosen to engage with us, would be 7 full company financial years from the termination date of the coaching agreement.  This is in line with regulation for companies.


However, if you interacted with us AND then engaged in services with us, that took place in their entirety on or before 31st March 2017, or on or after the 1st April 2022, then your personal information will be held for 3 full business financial years.


Any data held that is no longer required either before or after the above applicable date, will be safely and securely destroyed and/or deleted.


Data held in the coaching hours log after the above applicable dates, will be anonymised to leave only date, coaching session duration, total coaching hours, removing any identifiable data from it. 

Testimonials will be recorded, processed and published for an indefinite period which may extend beyond the above dates, or until such a time they are no longer needed, in accordance with your wishes at the time of providing the testimonial to us and for us to use.


Exceptions to the above would be agreed in writing with you separately, as applicable.

How can you access the information we hold about you, and what other rights do you have?

You can request a copy of your personal data that Helen Collins holds and you can ask for your data to be corrected if it is incorrect. You can also ask for the ‘the right to be forgotten’ ie for your personal data to be erased at any time and you can ask not to be contacted anymore.  

To do any of these contact Helen Collins, Data Controller via the Contact Us form below.  We will action your request promptly, and within one month of receipt of the request.


What information do we collect?

When you (including sponsors) contact us, we create a file with the contact details you have provided and the enquiry you make. If we then work together this file will be added to with the data that is relevant to the work we do together. This may be received, issued and held in digital or paper format.  Depending on our work together, this can include:

  • Personal Information you provide to us in which we may contact you, such as: Title, Forename, Surname, Email address(es), Telephone/Mobile number(s), Skype (VOIP or Social media address(es), Home Address(es), Bank Account Details (where a reimbursement is necessary), Signature

  • Notes from our discussion(s) and proposal(s) for services and information you share with us as part of our initial conversations or communications 

  • Any correspondence or documentation that is or references the Agreement for the provision of services

  • Any other documentation, exercises completed, CV, etc provided by you that contains personal information or any information about you, in light of supporting the activities and discussions in the services being provided to you

  • Notes prior to, during and post any services provided, communications or meetings we have together to ensure we have an accurate record of what may have been discussed, outcomes and so that we can send you relevant information or follow up

  • A log of coaching hours completed for coach continuing professional development and accreditation purposes

  • Data collated on the website for purposes of better understanding the needs and interests of parties visiting our site

  • Personal information you provide to us, for example but not limited to testimonial(s), for use in ongoing marketing activities, including but not limited to the website, LinkedIn, marketing materials.


Where do we store your personal information?

We take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is processed appropriately and held and stored securely.  


Unfortunately, the transmission of personal data via the internet is not completely secure. Although we take reasonable steps to protect your personal data we cannot guarantee the security of your personal data on transmission via the internet.

Please also note that email is never a 100% secure way of communicating. By using it, you agree that when you send any information by email you do so at your own risk.

Third party websites referenced by us:           


Where links to third party websites and social media sites are recommended or suggested by us in service to the provision of services to you, we have no control over how those third parties collect and use your personal data. Those third party sites may have their own privacy policies. You should always read the privacy policy of each site you visit carefully.

Contact details:

For queries or requests under the Privacy Policy or below Cookie Policy contact the Helen Collins, Data Controller via the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy via the Contact Us Form below.

Cookie Policy

This website, like many websites, uses small files called cookies to help us to improve the user experience.

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc) on your computer or mobile device. They allow websites to store things like user preferences. Cookies are a bit like providing a ‘memory’ for the website, so that it can recognise you when you come back and respond appropriately.

Such information will not identify you personally, it is statistical data about our visitors and their use of our site. It is used by us to analyse how visitors interact with the Website so that we can continue to develop and improve this Website.

All computers have the ability to decline and/or delete cookies. This can be done by activating the setting on your browser which enables you to decline and/or delete the cookies. Please note that should you choose to decline cookies, you may be unable to access particular areas of our Website.

For more information on cookies, or to delete cookies from your browser, you can read the guidance at All About Cookies (

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