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Know yourself consciously

In association with the Explore phase of the Firework coaching framework, we provide one to one coaching and a series of exercises, often completed in between sessions and debriefed in each session in order to help clients to reconnect with their true authentic selves to know themselves more consciously now.

For any road ahead, whether exploring a change of career, ways of working, or searching for a job, it is pivotal that clients have a solid understanding of their skills, strengths, motivations, values, purpose to name a few.  This foundation is the basis for which career decisions and choices are made, and the basis to support clients in marketing themselves in the future whether developing a CV, preparing for interview, helping others to understand what they do and want moving forward.


Clients will get a broad understanding of who they are, what makes them tick, what is really important to them now and moving forward.  A solid foundation, this journey can be purchased in isolation or as part of a more comprehensive set of journeys.

This route is offered as a complete journey or an add on journey to either Reinvent or Job Search.

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