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Be your confident and resilient best self!

Through one to one coaching, this journey is designed to provide clients with a safe and confidential, empathetic, non-judgemental and neutral human to human space to express and explore how they are thinking and feeling within, about change in their career now or in light of change ahead. 

We may provide exercises and tools in support of greater self-reflection and exploration.  We invite clients to be curious to whatever shows up for them in service to helping them understand what is needed right now and going forward. 

Many find change hard, particularly those who have experienced redundancy from an organisation in these extraordinary times.  Whether feeling jilted, lacking in confidence, have taken the news personally or have had an uncomfortable departure this journey will help clients to restore, re-balance and re-energise in service to being the best that they can be during change in their career.

This route can be provided as one off boosters, a standalone journey, a journey ahead of another journey or intertwined with another journey.

Contact us to find out more.

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