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Moving on in your career?

Coaching Change In Careers



Nothing is certain, yet change in careers is inevitable  


Change in careers may be driven on a personal level (for reasons of personal growth, greater work-life balance, a new career, future proofing and/or re-training, greater fulfilment, more meaning or purpose, to fulfil a life-long dream), on a national or global level (COVID-19, environmental, political, economic, legislative, sociological, technological advances), or at an organisational level (a new business strategy, a merger or acquisition, restructuring and redundancies).  Change may or may not always be a choice.  For some individuals, change in careers represents opportunity, liberation and limitless possibilities, yet for others it can represent a feeling of uncertainty, confusion and concern. 

We specialise in empathetically coaching human beings, who are semi-established or well established in their careers, often from small, medium or large organisations across a range of sectors, to prepare for and/or navigate change in their careers comfortably and confidently. 

Clients typically come to us for career coaching in light of an aspiration to initiate a career change (even if they are not clear what that is) or are experiencing or have experienced redundancy (whether compulsory or voluntarily) and/or are looking for one to one career coaching and guidance with various job search activities in support of securing that next role.  

In our experience of providing career coaching, we understand and recognise that each client thinks, feels and reacts to change or changes in their careers differently.  How a client thinks, feels and reacts to change could be the difference between securing or missing that next significant opportunity.  Something they cannot afford to miss, particularly in light of these uncertain times. 


We help a range of clients from those who have lost self-confidence and find change particularly unsettling and difficult, enabling them to make sense of the changes they have or are facing in their careers as well as helping them to develop their mindset, strategies and tools to effectively navigate change, through to those who are excited by change and are ready to confidently move forwards in view of securing a new role, exploring a career change, or fulfilling a particular career goal or aspiration. 

We offer short or long term packages (Journeys), predefined packages and flexible packages, to suit each individual client's needs

Clients who engage and fully commit to our career coaching services recognise they are making a significant investment in themselves, their careers and their lives not only for now, but for years to come.

Click here to see former client testimonials. 

Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation


Consulting provides guidance and advice to clients primarily experiencing redundancy in order to help them prepare for the job market - psychologically, emotionally and practically.  Guidance and advice typically includes help to develop a market ready CV and LinkedIn profile, understanding the job market and how to access job opportunities as well as preparing for an interview.  Our services enable clients to feel suitably prepared and equipped in order to navigate the job search journey ahead comfortably and confidently.

A Blend Of Coaching and Consulting

In most instances clients will experience a blend of coaching and consulting approaches in order to meet their needs.  However, some journeys will lend themselves more naturally to coaching and others to consulting.  


Group Facilitation

We also provide virtual group facilitation, which might be virtual webinars or presentations covering the topics of career change and job search.

Coaching and Consulting


Coaching is an empowering and creative process.  Holding the best intentions for the client, coaching provides the client with a confidential, safe, supportive and creative space which invites curiosity, self-reflection and heightened self-awareness of the whole self (mind, body and emotions).  Holding the client fully responsible and accountable for their choices, commitments and actions, and as the expert in their own life, coaching is primarily about helping the client to uncover solutions for themselves in order to fulfil a goal or goals that they may have.


Coaching tends to mainly focus on the present moment and the future, although in some of the career coaching packages there is a need to reflect on past experiences too.  It is not consulting, giving advice, mentoring, teaching, therapy, counselling or training. 


Coaching techniques, such as questioning, listening, challenging limiting beliefs, reflecting back, re-framing, acknowledgements, etc are used to help them to draw insights and solutions out, to help them connect to their authentic self, to their greatness and potential and to help them navigate the changes in their career in service of reaching their goals.

Coaching services we provide may incorporate a mix of Co-Active Coaching, FireworkTM Career Change Coaching and/or Careershifters Lean Career Change Practitioner coaching approaches.



We provide a number of virtual (telephone, Zoom, Skype) one to one coaching and consulting Journeys (packages), that help clients at a human level, to navigate change, or changes in their careers comfortably and confidently in order to fulfil their career goals and aspirations.  

Journeys in the main are structured by nature, providing a clear framework of steps, which many clients favour, whereas others offer a degree of flexibility.  


Depending on requirements established in an initial no obligation free discovery call, a proposal for services would then be drawn up to include recommendations and pricing.

Click on the titles below to access more information about each of our Journeys.

  • Restore: Coaching to prepare clients mentally, emotionally and physically for change(s) they are experiencing in their careers now and in anticipation of change(s) ahead.  This is a great foundation for those who are having difficulty processing change that is happening, have lost confidence, or are concerned by the task ahead.  It will help them to get back on their feet in readiness for the journey ahead.

  • Reconnect: Coaching to consciously reconnect clients with who they really are, right now, their true selves, their attributes and uniqueness, their preferences and priorities that they have in support of marketing themselves for a new role, or for referring to in light of initiating ideas or making suitable career change choices.  This is a fundamental foundation for anyone wishing to initiate a Job Search and/or Career Change.

  • Reinvent: Explore and plan for a complete career change.  This is a creative, fun and exciting adventure.

  • Refresh: Guidance in support of clients preparing for the job market and searching for a new or similar job. 


Other services:

​Personal development coaching and virtual presentations or interactive group webinars on the topics of career change or job search may also be available upon request. 



"Taking my hand, metaphorically speaking, Helen led me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery; one which still leaves me absolutely amazed by its indubitable magic. Career coaching with Helen is a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting ride; one you can look back on and simply know it was during this time you gained the deepest insight into what truly motivates and drives you. Another upside to the coaching is that its field of influence extends into every waking moment; not just career concerns. I can honestly say I looked forward to every single session I had with Helen… so much so that they were the absolute highlight of my week.

Using an almost mystical blend of her empathy, uncanny insight, active listening skills, commonsense and hard-earned proficiency, Helen will help you reveal what work and career path will truly make you happy. What Helen has helped me uncover has genuinely surprised me, but I know it is absolutely right for me because it came from within. Taking my first few tentative steps toward a bright new future, one that makes me feel genuinely excited about the new road ahead, I am never going to be able to extend enough gratitude toward Helen for helping me arrive at this juncture… I just wish I had come across her and the Firework coaching she proffers when I was school leaving age.

It is said that people are with us for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. After everything Helen has helped me realise about myself and what I would most like to do with my life, a big part of me hopes that she will be with me for at least a good part of the latter.

Truly an Angel on my shoulder…"

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